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Introducing Sam

Photographer based in Kenilworth, NJ

Hi, nice to meet you- I'm Sam. I love nature and books, and I pretty much break up my free time 50/50 between both. I like to think I've got a great sense of humor, although I am definitely the loudest one laughing whenever I try to crack a joke. Spending time out in the woods with my camera is where you'll find me most often- if you can find me.

I got into photography in college and I pretty much taught myself everything I know. I grew up in Kenilworth, NJ and I always wanted to be a math teacher. I went to Montclair State University for a few semesters to get my teaching degree and in the process, I picked up a camera one day and took it on hike with me after class. Needless to say, the rest is history. I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to be doing instead (but don't worry, I still love math). My favorite style of photography is landscape and nature, but I adore taking pictures of all your sweet little babies, pups, and families too. I do my absolute best to make sure my photo subjects (yeah, you!) are not only comfortable, but also have a really fun time during their shoot. I don't want you to go home with just beautiful pictures, but memories of a great day that you can remember every time you look at them. 

I can't wait to meet you, capture your truest self, and crack jokes that I am almost positive will make us both laugh. What are you waiting for? Say cheese!


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Phone:  908-650-8785

*Please leave a message if I don't answer right away, and I promise I will get back to you. You can send me texts as well.*

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